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“If you can tell me who your heroes are, I can tell you how you are going to turn out. It is really important to have the right heroes.” – Warren Buffet. Many people are looking for heroes in wrong places, and misunderstanding the term hero itself. Strength, bravery, courage, and honesty are the things most people think when the name hero pops. Doing a brave task, being a doctor, being a rich person, or even having a certain name does not make you a hero. It is very hard to describe a hero but a simple description of a true hero is a person that is being true to himself, does things that has to be done no matter what the circumstances are, never afraid to do what is right, and gives the best sincerely. In my point of view, true heroes exist in our world, and they are needed to protect us from the society we are living in and ourselves. Many people regularly ask why we need heroes. Simply the answer is that heroes give us hope, solve problems, and pick us up when we are down. They prove to us that no matter how bad the society is, there are good people around us that can know the right from the wrong. Heroes are just …show more content…

Many children and teenagers have the thought that heroes are not real, because adults are constantly telling us heroes only exist in cartoons and movies. However, there are also, real life heroes that gave the best and saved the world. Heroes were always on the borderline between real and imagination. Unfortunately, most people when they think about heroes, they think about flying, knowing the future, and being invisible. As I mentioned up, heroes are people who do little things to save the world. Those people are true heroes, and they can exist in our daily life. It is better to have a true hero that exists in real life rather than choosing a fictional hero in fairytales. Are they not considered heroes because they do not

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