Heroes In The Outsiders

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Everyone is a hero at some point in there life. A hero is kind and helps others with their actions and words. Pony, Dallas, and Johnny are heroes in the book The Outsiders. They all fit my definition of a hero and maybe add a little more meaning that fits their personality. All of us are a hero but only some of us show it.

Ponyboy is kind and helps others who are in need. This little boy also cares for others, even people he doesn't know. “I didn't want anyone to get a flat tire.” (page 172) is what Pony thinks while picking up glass. This statement shows that he cares for people he doesn’t know personally by picking up some glass and making sure they don't get a flat tire. Ponyboy is also very kind and polite in way. “ ‘Gosh mister, I’m sorry’ ” (page 151) he says politely because he bleeding all over a strangers seats. Ponyboy is kind and polite enough to say sorry which is unusual for greasers. …show more content…

While helping he is caring and loving towards others. “ ‘Take care kid,’ ”(page 62) he says speaking to Pony because Dallas cares for him. He wants to make sure that Ponyboy will be safe and will take care of himself. Dally also doesn't want anyone to get mentally of physically injured. “ ‘I just don’t want you do get hurt,’ ”(page 89) Dally directly says to Johnny because Dallas doesn't want Johnny to get hurt by turning himself in. Dallas is a true hero when it comes to helping and caring for others he

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