Johnny And Dally Similarities

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S. E. Hinton 's novel The Outsiders, Hilton includes two characters that only care for eachother. They have many similarities, they both have abusive parents and they both place little value on their lives. However they have many differences. Dally gets in trouble a lot with the fuzz, johnny on the other hand is shy, always looks like something is bothering him. Johnny ends up dying but he dies a hero, Dally dies a hoodlum, he attempts to pull a unloaded gun on the fuzz but dies as soon as he does it. Therefore dally and johnny have some similarities and huge amount of differences. Dally is a mean, aggressive, tough person. He has a record a mile long. He can’t do anything legal, so when he wants to go to the drive in everyone with him has to sneak in. He loves picking fights with people and loves to scare little kids. He says “it ain’t a rumble with-out me.” Dally gets into …show more content…

One dies a hero and one dies a criminal. Johnny was a hero, he went into a burning church to save innocent little kids, he got with a big piece of wood that was on fire. He got critically injured and later died in the hospital. At first he didn’t want to die but after thinking about it he said that the kids lives matter more and that he has enjoyed his life… “But johnny was right, he died gallant” dally on the other hand died a hoodlum. Dally robbed stores, jumped people, did what he wanted whenever he wanted. He didn’t care, after finding out that johnny has died he goes crazy and robs a store. As he is running out he gets shot in his lower abdomen but still runs off. He calls Pony, Steve, Two-bit, Darry, and Soda, when they get to the vacant lot where he was surrounded by policemen, he pulled out an unloaded gun, he wanted to die that 's why he did it, he was gunned down by the police. Dally got what he wanted and dying was what he wanted after Johnny died, he died a hoodlum… ‘“Dally didn 't die a hero, he died violent, violent, and desperate. Like we knew he

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