Ponyboy Is A Hero Essay

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A hero can be anyone around you. A hero is a person who is strong, has courage, helps others, and does good deeds. Ponyboy deserves to be considered a hero. Johnny also deserves to be considered a hero too. Dally does not deserve to be considered a hero though, unlike Ponyboy and Johnny. These 3 people are people I consider that are very important to the book. Ponyboy is one of the people in the book that deserves to be or is a hero. Ponyboy is very courageous and helps others. One of the quotation that can support that he’s a hero is when he realized the children are in the burning church he was not afraid at all and said, “I’ll get them, don’t worry!” (p. 91) This quotation supports my statement because it he said to not worry, because he’ll get them which shows he’s courageous and helps others. Ponyboy is also very strong and not a coward. One of the quotations that can support my statement is when he goes inside the burning church and it was “a red hell”, Ponyboy said, “I should be scared, I thought with an old detached feeling, but I’m not.” (p. 92) This quotation supports my statement because usually when normal people has to go in a church that’s on fire, they would be scared to death and scream their heads off, but Ponyboy should’ve been scared too, but he wasn’t, …show more content…

Dally is not strong mentally (when he couldn’t let Johnny go), he really does not do good deeds, and he does not care about any other people than only Johnny, and he’s rude to others and bad at using words. A quotation that supports my statement is, “What for? Get back in here before I beat your head in.” (p.90) This quotation supports my statement because Dally said this to Ponyboy when he hopped off the car and said to see what the deal is when he saw the old church on fire, it proves that Dally does not care about other stuff that does not involve him and that he’s rude to others and using

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