Dally In John Dalley's An Inspector Calls

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Dallas Winston or also known as Dally came from New York and was in some of the most appalling gangs. Now Dally is with the greasers he is the tough and troublemaker of the group. Dally and his gang does have troubles with another gang the Socs and is very bitter because there is absolutely no way that they could defeat them. Dally has an elfish face, with high cheekbones, appointed chin, small sharp animal like teeth, ears like and lynx, hair so blonde it looked white, and he hated haircuts and oil he just left his hair natural and let it fall in front of his forehead. Dallas Winston was very reckless, foolish and reliable. First of all Dally is especially reckless. Dally is reckless because when he was in New York he would get into gang fights just to blow off steam. Dally getting into gang fight just to blow off steam is just a reckless thing to do because why would you do that when you could seriously get hurt or killed. Another reckless thing Dally did was he cheated on serious games like poker and he would steal from stores. This also shows how Dally id reckless because by doing this it could get him into jail again …show more content…

Dally is foolish because he would Ride in rodeos, lie, cheat, drink, and jumped small kids. Dally would do everything to break the law because he believes there is no law. This is a foolish thing because the more he does this the more of a chance he will be back in jail. Another thing that Dally did that was foolish is that Dally robbed a corner store and pointed a gun to the employee but didn’t shoot. This is a foolish thing to do because the cops will be coming after him and he should have not done it at all. The final thing that Dally did that was foolish is that he pulled out a gun while the cops wanted him to get down on his hand and knees and because of this he had his life taken away because of a foolish choice. Dallas Winston is very unwise and the foolishness gave his life

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