Essay On Dally In George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four

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First off, Ponyboy and Johnny went to Dally Winston after killing Bob because of his superior skills in fleeing from the cops and trouble. Dally has committed and have been associated with crimes before so Ponyboy and Johnny went to him for help and advice. They know him very well because they are all close because of the gang. In the text on page 18 “Dally had spent three years on the wild side of New York and had been arrested at the age of ten.” Dally has an experience with the police like no one else they know. Like the book said he was arrested at the age of ten so he clearly has experience dealing with the police. He has been in fights and even jumped people and didn’t get caught so they knew they could rely on him for help. In addition to this they knew that they could trust Dally because of all the time they have spent with him. Dally would stick up for the gang and do what he could to help. He knew a very good hiding place (Jay Mountain) that so far no one has found. Furthermore Dally is Johnny’s hero, so Johnny felt that he would be able to rely on him for help. Later in the text on page …show more content…

I think this because they were able to get out of town and make it to Jay Mountain without getting caught. Dally really showed that he has the experience in this type of situation and will help out his friends when needed. According to the text it says “I started buttoning up the shirt. … Man I thought New York was the only place I could get mixed up in a murder rap.” This whole paragraph really shows how Dally knows what he was doing and is a person that will keep their word. He is able to be trusted and is even going to risk getting caught to help them out. This is the type of person that I would want to help me if something bad like this were to happen. To wrap things up Ponyboy and Johnny went to Dally for help because of quick thinking skills, his past experience, and

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