Who Is Daly Misjudge In The Outsiders

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Eli Wagner Ms. Baiden English 1 Honors 12 February 2023 Judge Correctly, Or Don’t Judge At All Mufti Menk once said, “People will criticize. People will misjudge. That’s okay. As long as you're at peace, with good intent and a pure heart, that’s what matters”. In life, people will always misjudge and slander others. This will always happen, but as long as the person is at peace with themself, and they are okay with who they are, this is okay. In the novels The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton and Odyssey by Homer, the characters are drastically misjudged, either by being made to look better than they are or by being made worse than they are. In The Odyssey, Odysseus is overly glorified by his crew, even though he makes a lot of really bad decisions. …show more content…

The characters thought that Dally was just really angry at the world, that his robbing of the bank was him attempting to blow off steam, and that his consequential death was all a result of his bad decisions. In reality, Dally had just been told about Johnny's death, and he was heartbroken. The text shows this happening when it says, “Damnit, Johnny…’ he begged, slamming one fist against the wall, hammering it to make it obey his will. ‘Oh, damnit, Johnny, don’t die, please don’t die…’ He suddenly bolted through the door and down the hall”(Hinton 149). This is showing how when Johnny died, Dally was distraught, and he ran away because of how sad he was. The following events were all a result of how he was overcome with grief, and he wasn’t thinking straight. If other people misjudged him thinking he was careless, they would be mistaken, and this was because the loss of Johnny had fractured his mind. One of the worst forms of misjudgment that someone could have is being lowered down to some kind of mental condition. If people were able to understand a person before judging them the world would be much

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