How Does Dally Affect Johnny

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Dally is part of the gang in the the east side of greasers. He had found Johnny living with awful parents that always beat him up with no care. Dally had gave and showed him love. Johnny is also in the gang and he is like the youngest pet out of all of them. Nobody in the gang can’t live without him especially Dally, he overprotects Johnny. If anybody messes and gets in his way, Dally will beat them up. Dally is the most meanest and unforgiving person in the gang. Pony doesn’t really like the way he acts to everybody. Dally has been aggressive all his life. He had been in jail when he was 10 years old! He also steal stores when he is mad and upset. Dally has been in gangs before the greasers. His least favorite member was Ponyboy. Pony also

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