Theme Of Love In The Outsiders

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Love - an intense feeling of deep affection. Love is an emotion shown in many romantic or family relationships as well as friendships. Love is shown frequently throughout the entirety of the book The Outsiders. For example, Dally is an extremely aggressive and audacious person, but he also shows immense love towards Johnny. Sodapop is a fun-loving, carefree high-school dropout, but he is understanding and shows love to both of his brothers by seeing both sides of an argument. Darry has an extremely serious personality and loves Ponyboy with tough love. All three show love in different ways, but they still do love. Love is shown throughout all of the book The Outsiders in various ways, even though there is lots of violence. Dally and Johnny had a very close bond. They were very close all the time and really admired each other. When Johnny dies, Dallas goes mad and robs a grocery store with the intent for the police to see his gun and shoot him because they deemed him dangerous. He ends up being shot and killed by police. He could not bear living without Johnny, and sacrificed his life so he would not have to live without him. He would have been devoid of any happyness if he would have lived. Also, when Johnny kills Bob, him and Ponyboy go immediately to Dally. He helps them escape, and also gives them some items to help along the way, including 50$, a gun, and some new clothes. That makes him an accomplice and he could be sent to jail if ever found out, but he

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