Examples Of Terry Malloy Being A Hero

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What makes someone a hero? Most people would say someone who saves the day or has super powers or even characters in books are heroes. Antigone is a young woman in the play Antigone by Sophocles, Antigone is considered a hero by many for giving up her life for her brother and going against the law in 44 B.C. While Terry Malloy is considered a hero in the movie On the Waterfront for also going against rules. Malloy would be considered a rough kid who got into a bad situation with a group of mugs while working on the dock, not only does he save the day for himself but for others that are working on the docks as well. Antigone and Terry both go against rules for what they believe is right and become heroes. Antigone is a caring, strong minded person who sticks up for her …show more content…

Terry is a good kid deep down but had a rough upbringing with being an orphan. Once he started working for Friendly he became what would be considered a “mug”. After a day at work on the dock, he was to go the church meeting that revolved around how Friendly cheated many people out of jobs that day. Terry’s job was to make sure no one said anything, but then that changed when the church was broken into by many more of Friendly mugs. Instead of assisting the other mugs beat up the citizens, he helps one escape which brought a whole different side of Terry Malloy to the surface. As a result of the guilt he feels he turns into an unlikely hero when he turns on Johnny Friendly for all the murders he has committed even though he knows this could mean that he could die. After the trial, Terry even starts a fight with Johnny Friendly not only to avenge everyone that he killed, but everyone who was treated unfairly at the dock. For these reasons, Terry becomes an unlikely hero for defending his beliefs. Due to this, Malloy becomes a hero to the people on the

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