Heroism In On The Waterfront Terry Malloy

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The movie "On the Waterfront" is an example of Film Noir which literally means black or dark film. Movies like this were more serious and explored more realistic and depressing subject matters. The movie was mainly about the struggle of the working longshoremen in Hoboken, New Jersey against the gangsters who bullied and extorted money from them. The protagonist of the movie is Terry Malloy. Terry Malloy’s character is an example of an anti-hero. An anti-hero, unlike the typical hero, has faults and flaws that you would not really want someone like him in the society but in the film, you would root for him due to the different circumstances in the film. Terry Malloy is like an errand boy for the gang that controls the docks of New Jersey. Terry and his brother, Charlie was orphaned and eventually got involved with Johnny Friendly, the gang leader. Charlie, the older brother, rose in the …show more content…

Emphasis was given where it was appropriate. In the scene where Edie vowed to avenge her brother’s death (5:51), the camera focused on her face to show her determination. In the bar when Terry and Edie were drinking (42:00), Edie pleads Terry to help her but Terry insists that he can’t. In this scene, the frame of the camera only contained Edie’s slightly blurred, sobbing face in the foreground and Terry’s clear, troubled face in the background. The camera work highlighted the characters’ dialogues and emotion. Another example is the scene where Terry decided to tell Edie the whole truth (1:03:04). Their conversation is drowned by the horn of the steam boat but the viewers can easily know what they were talking about and feeling based on their expressions. Also at the last scene (1:45:00) where Terry was trying his best to walk to the dock the camera shifts from omniscient to Terry’s point of view. He was dizzy and was not seeing things clearly. His struggle was felt by the viewers because of this change in

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