Raising Arizona Cinematography Analysis

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One of the massive aspects of movie making is the movement and angles at which the camera is held. One film that does a great job of creating this form of cinematography is Raising Arizona, directed and produced by the Coen brothers. This fast paced crime comedy does an excellent job of capturing the audience’s attention by making them feel as though they are actually a part of the action. An example of the great camera movement is when the camera bobs up and down as it gets closer to the Arizona’s house, this creates the effect that the viewer is actually the person who is approaching the house. Once the camera comes up to the ladder propped up against the window, it rapidly rushes up, then zooms in on Mrs. Arizona’s face as she lets out a gut wrenching screech. The camera …show more content…

When H.I. marries his wife Ed, the camera is positioned above them, so that is seems as though the audience is looking down on them. This angle makes them appear weak and vulnerable as they are binding themselves to each other. The angle of looking down on the actors also works vice versa as it shifts positions and looks up at the priest, making him appear superior. Another example of these camera angles is when the man hunter tracks down the baby, and attempts to fight H.I. for him. The man hunter is displayed with the camera looking up at him on his motorcycle, which make appear strong and scary. While the camera is angled to look down at H.I. so that he looks weak and distraught. After analyzing all of these effects, it becomes apparent how important the actions of the camera truly are. This movie would have been completely different if the camera had been looking at the actors from only one position. Camera movement and angles are what captivate the audience to keep their attention throughout the entirety of the whole film. Sometimes a simple camera movement can make all the difference in the

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