Was Terry Fox A Hero

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Terry Fox: An Inspiration for All

In the course of history, there were many heroic and inspirational figures. One in particular was Terry Fox. When Terry Fox was a guard on the basketball team at Simon Fraser University, he realized that he had cancer in his right knee. As a result, he had to have his leg amputated. He was an inspirational figure because he was patriotic and loving, had a dream to run across Canada for cancer research, and did not allow his disability to label him.

Terry Fox was patriotic and loving. He wasn’t a selfish man because he did everything for his country, Canada. Also, he helped others while putting aside his own needs. Because of this, he won many different awards like Canadian of the Year, Citation of Honour, …show more content…

The Marathon of Hope, which started in St. John Newfoundland and ended in Thunder Bay, Ontario, was terminated because the cancer had spread to his lungs. So, he was hospitalized. Although this may be true, this inspiring person ran halfway across Canada with a fake leg and in pain to fulfill this dream. His dream took a lot of perseverance and determination. Even though he did not fully complete his dream, Terry Fox raised over 1.7 million dollars for cancer research which was still a great accomplishment. Because of his dream to run across Canada, he raised a lot of money for cancer research.

Another thing that made Terry Fox an inspiration is he did not allow his disability to label him. A label is a word or name placed on a person, whether it is fair or not, in an effort to categorize them. This hero did not think, since he was disabled, he could not live the way he wanted. As a result, when he ran across Canada, Terry ran like a person free of his disability. Terry Fox showed the world what a disabled person could do, and that was anything he put his mind to. As can be seen, his disability did not define who he was; instead, it made him

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