Biography Of Eddie Aikau

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The man that sacrificed his life for others like Jesus did for us of the name of Eddie Aikau. A local Hawaiian lifeguard on the Waimea Bay. He saved more than 500 lives in counting saving them from raging 30ft waves. As well a surfer born on the island of Maui but later settled in Oahu. Having the Courage and strength to help others in need a man with a story never to be forgotten. Eddie had the knowledge of the ocean waters and the understanding of the aloha spirit. To help others in need or not. To take care of our earth we live in." Malama Honua is the key" he said. The vision to help others is the only thing that we should seek. Eddie truly describes the virtues of Caring,Courage,and kindness. Eddie describes Caring because he thought of others before he thought of hisself. …show more content…

Kindness for his kind spirit to others. The event of death truly inspired others and I today. It was his dream to sail the Hokulea and that it really shared his Hawaiian culture. He had volunteered to ride on the Hokulea. While on the trip the canoe had capsized and Eddie left and paddled to help a group of stranded Hawaiian leaders to safety. Sadly, later was not found and lost at sea. The courage of that man is amazing. He had the courage to sacrifice his life to save others. Eddie didn 't just give his time but his heart and soul and even his life for others. A inspiring and loving man who did the ways of Jesus . Eddie is still lost today and was not found leading it to be the biggest missing Scene in Hawaiian history. Remember when someone is in need and your to lazy to help them say to yourself "Eddie would go". To remember the memory of Edward Ryon Makuahanai

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