Lucian Adams Life And Accomplishments

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Lucian Adams was a Latino American who served in the United States military during World War II, as an Army Sergeant. He was a Medal of Honor, Purple Heart, and Bronze Star recipient. I chose Lucian Adams because of his honorable actions during the war, showing the bravery and courage that many of our military troops exhibit every day. He is an extraordinary example of a man who was dedicated to serving our country and who risked his life every day to protect it and his fellow soldiers. His actions are inspiring to many people, including me. Lucian Adams was one of twelve children in a Latino American family. He was born in Texas on October 26, 1922. Adams attended Webster and Franklin elementary schools in Port Arthur, Texas. He then went to Thomas Jefferson Junior High School but dropped out of high school to help support his family.
In February 1943, Adams was inducted into the United States Army at Fort Sam Houston. He later went to Camp Butner, North Carolina, for basic training. He stayed at Camp Butner until November 1943 and then was sent to Europe, where he later distinguished himself during an Italian campaign. Besides the Medal of Honor, Adams received the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart for …show more content…

Die, France, on October 28, 1944. Staff Sergeant Adams and the Thirteenth Infantry Regiment were tasked with connecting a breach in the Third Division’s supply line and reestablishing contact with two companies that had lost contact with the rest of the battalion. On their mission, they were faced with German troops. The company had advanced less than 10 yards, already suffering 3 dead and 6 wounded, when Sergeant Adams made a one-man assault on the enemies. At the end of the fighting, Staff Sergeant Adams had killed nine Germans, taken two prisoners, knocked out three machine guns, contributed to a German retreat, and had reopened the broken supply lines in his

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