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Elias Adams lived 89 years. In those years he served his country, crossed the plains. Elias Adams was an accomplished man, a father, a husband, and a friend. He was brave in the way he served, and protected what he loved. He was dedicated in the way he lived, and loved. He was smart in the way he learned, and applied his learning's in his life. He was dearly loved and mourned, for his great deeds, and acts. He achieved many things including setting an example for his children, creating a home for his family, and leaving a legacy for his family. His attributes are commendable and great to aspire towards. Elias Adams was brave. As a young man he served in the army. He provided his aid to the cause of freedom, and liberty for all. He dealt in …show more content…

He served his country, even when it was hard. He suffered through winters, and wounds, and never gave up. He suffered along with his fellow men, wanting to go home wanting to leave and live with his family again. He fulfilled his five year contract with the army. Adams was part of the mormon church, and he was ridiculed. He had to spend a long time at a Pisgah mountain, the mountain was cold, and he had no house for him or his family. They lived there in tents for months, in order to wait so they could go to Zion. He had to cross the plains, and that was difficult; in order to cross he took what little he had from his temporary home at Pisgah mountain. He had to restart everything in order to be committed to the mormon church. Elias made the long trek across the plains, the long months from this were grueling. He was lucky enough to be early enough in spring that him and his family were not crossing in the harsh winter; the dedication he learned through trials helped him and his family to get through this and from that he soared through life, a proud and strong …show more content…

As a child he was apprenticed to a mill worker. There he learned the inner workings of a mill, and even how to make it from scratch. His mentor was also taught how to make bricks; the process was long and he had to make sure that the mixture was perfect. One third clay, and two thirds sandy soil was the perfect mixture. He learned quick about the ways of the world, but was also somewhat of a scholar; in his little school he learned all about math, reading, and writing. The little school was not much of a sight, and the teachers were people around the neighborhood teaching what they knew. Throughout his life he had times where there was little money or food. From his mentors teachings he even created a mill in the Salt Lake Valley, and whenever there wasn't much food he and his children made bricks to sell to the neighbors for a small profit. His building skills were helpful, because in the Salt Lake Valley you couldn't hire people to build your house. He built three houses there. His first was nothing much more than a log cabin; he lived there for many years with his family. His next was a proper house that he lived in for the rest of his life; while his third was for his oldest son which they were able to build together. Elias realized that he was not getting enough water for his crops, and he had to do something about it. He was the first one to build a small collection pond to catch the water from the mountain runoff. His ingenious was able to help him

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