How Did John Adams Influence The Economy

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Patrick O’Brien
Mr. Natoli
Civics and Economics Honors
17 May 2016 When mentioning founding fathers, not many people think of John Adams first, but his unique views had an important impact on our history and culture. Even in his early years John was in a class of his own coming from a humble background to become a prominent lawyer while seeking his passion for education and justice. Later in life, John Adams went on to do even more incredible things as a vocal political figure which led him to become an incredibly successful and influential politician during the development of our country. Throughout his life he was incredibly passionate about his values and ideals that influenced our countries development. We see many of his political views
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He wrote a lot about religion and incorporated it into his political ideas in the form of freedom of religion and separation of church and state. John incorporated both of these ideas into the foundation of this country during the Continental Congresses. This belief and foundation is still seen today because the church and state remain separate as seen in the religious clause in the first amendment of the US constitution. Additionally, John Adams was adamant about justice for all citizens and the total correctness of the law of the land. This ideal that John believed in is upheld totally as can be seen in the power that is possessed by the judicial branch with their ability to determine legality and the final say of the Supreme Court. If he were alive today, he would be proud that there is religious freedom for all citizens. Now that our country is a country of many religions, he would be proud that this ideal has stood the test of time. He would also take pride in the institution of several judicial powers and the final say of court systems as well as the fairness of the court system in equal representation. Overall what John thought that the nation should be is what the nation ultimately became and I believe he would be proud of this
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