Impact Of 7 Men's Beliefs On American Independence

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7 MEN’S BELIEFS ON THE AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE Effects of 7 Men’s Beliefs on the American Independence Erisa Lee Seoul Christian International Institude Abstract This paper explores about 7 men’s - the founding fathers’- religious views. Faith and religion played a strong role in America 's Founding; the religious view of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington influenced each of their decision to support American independence from Britain. They, the founders did not have a common religious tradition or an established church. They differed in their attitudes toward the religion, but usually they kept their own religious beliefs quite private. Most of them had a belief in the continuing activity of the "Providence" in the lives of men and women. Most of the principal Founders were seekers (and were also the religious seekers)– of political improvement.This paper examines their life (as a founding fathers), religion which they had believed , their lives on the religious views, and how did their beliefs supported their decisions for the American independence. Keywords: Founding Fathers, religious views, American independence Effects of 7 men’s Beliefs on the American Independence Most of the leading Founders came from the conservative religious traditions, where rationality was highly prized and emotional faith was not.

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