Political Parties Dbq Essay

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I believe that political parties were developed in the United States because they allow people to make decisions based on their beliefs. Both Hamilton and Jefferson were very great men but they wanted something different with the government. There are many reasons why political parties developed in our country. Hamilton and Jefferson have many differences between themselves. Hamilton wants a strong government and Jefferson wants a small government so the federal government would not take power. As for Jefferson he believes that agriculture should form the basis of the economy. But Hamilton wants something else then Jefferson because Hamilton a interpreted the Constitution broadly or loosely. Hamilton believes in different things then Jefferson because they both don’t like each other. Hamilton thinks other things because he believes that those plans will work. Same with Jefferson he thinks different things but he believes that it will work. Hamilton wants America to develop into an industrial nation and wants to develop good relations with Britain. Also, a supporter formed the Federalist Party. Jefferson believes that the National Bank was unconstitutional and supported strong ties with France. Also, he believes supporters formed the Democratic-Republican Party. …show more content…

According to document 3: Jefferson Parties develop in political parties is Jeffersons said that individual differences of the human mind. The second reason for the development if the political parties is degree and of freedom allows him unlimited expression. The Sedition Act is when a person can get punished for is according to this law publishing and speaking. Second is that you can get punished for false information. The law can be difficult for a person to challenge a member of Congress because you can get in a lot of

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