How Did Hamilton Influence Political Parties

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Political parties began in America when two of George Washington’s advisors, Alexander Hamilton, leader of the Federalist and Thomas Jefferson, leader of the Democratic Republicans disagreed on political issues. Newspapers also influenced political parties. The Federalists and the Democratic Republicans were political parties that were created when an agreement could not be made for what would be best for the country. Hamilton was influenced by Britain to encourage trade and manufacturing, while Jefferson favored farming. Hamilton also favored a strong federal government, while Jefferson believed it would take the state’s power. Hamilton interpreted the Constitution more loosely and thought a bank was necessary, however Jefferson was against this since the Constitution didn’t give Congress the power to create a Bank. The main three differences between Hamilton and Jefferson were on what should drive the country, government power and the interpretation …show more content…

The publisher of Gazette of the United States, John Fenno backed Hamilton while a friend of Jefferson, Philip Freneau started a rival paper called the National Gazette. Newspapers also combined rumors with facts to attack the opponents while keeping people well informed and shaping public opinion. Newspapers assisted in making political parties when newspapers took sides and began to combine rumors with facts to influence public opinions. Political parties began from differences between Hamilton and Jefferson and newspapers taking sides. Some differences were what should drive the country, government power and interpretation of the Constitution. Newspapers affected the making of political parties when newspapers took sides and the opinions of the public were swayed. Personally, I would have been a Democratic Republican because I think the citizens should have political power to show a different point of view and speak their

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