How Did Alexander Hamilton Be An Economic Genius

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Tessa Nugent US History to 1877 Professor Gray 2/18/2018 Economic Genius After reading the Taking sides “The Hamiltonian Miracle” by John Steele Gordon. I have concluded that Alexander Hamilton is an economic genius of his time. According to John Steele Gordon, Hamilton’s knowledge of public finance helped him set a course for the American economy in a way that nobody else could. The first National Bank, he displayed his brilliance as an economist. He also outlined a plan to create the capital required to kick start a prosperous economy and introduced government tariffs, subsidies, and awards to encourage American Manufacturing. According to John Steele, Alexander Hamilton can take all the credit for creating an economy that went on to become one of the strongest in the world. This article discusses essential information that support my point of view. Many points in history have lead to this. In this paper I will be discussing why I believe Alexander Hamilton to be an economic genius. Who is Alexander Hamilton? …show more content…

In 1777, Hamilton had become George Washington’s assistant. In the year of 1788 he convinced New Yorkers to ratify the U.S Constitution. He then became the secretary if the treasury. He was a founding father, served in the military, studied law, was involved in politics and government. He is also on U.S currency (10-dollar bill) who was never a president. “Hamilton’s background would always set him apart and give him an outlook on life and politics the other Founding Fathers did not share”(Gordon,50). Hamilton helped shape Washington’s foreign policy. Hamilton advised Washington on the Neutrality Proclamation, which declared that America would not become entangled in affairs but be friendly with both

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