Why Is Alexander Hamilton Important

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Alexander Hamilton, a name this is very often over looked due to him never becoming the president of the United States. He was actually born in the British west indies in the city of Nevis. Nevis actually means “Our Lady of the Snows”. Any who our young Hamilton moved to the colonial Americas when his mother passed away and his father abandoned him. Poor young Alexander. He moved in with a cousin and later had to move again later with a very successful merchant group. He was extremely smart. He was actually so smart that a group of wealthy men funded his education for him to go to “King’s College”, now known as “Columbia University”. But in our history books we really focus on his ideas and his intelligence. People often forget that he played a major role in the American revolution. He worked his way up from just signing up for a militia to …show more content…

He would have to relay messages to Washington’s men. Then, rightfully so after the revolution, Washington appointed him as a representative of the Congress of the Confederation. He later resigned to practice law. When the question “why was Hamilton important to our history?” is asked I sat on it for a little while and thought about it. He is more important than Cane’s chicken fingers is to Saint Charles people. He had a group of people that followed him, they were called the “Hamiltonians”. They believed in a strong central government and a loose constitution. The Hamiltonians later turned into the party called the “Federalists”. He also wrote the Federalists papers in order to gain support to get the constitution ratified. He also had this great idea of a National bank. He knew that if we were going to have all of this paper money flying around we had to have something to back it up because if we didn’t the paper money would be useless! He also had an idea that was not very popular with Colonial America and that was to be partners with the

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