Joseph Ellis Founding Brothers

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Prior to reading this engaging, yet historical-filled book, my personal amount of knowledge on our nation 's history, as well as the founders who created it, lacked. Joseph J. Ellis -philosopher, and winner of a pulitzer prize- uses his awareness and understanding of American history to provide readers with a ‘modern insight’, enabling us to paint a picture in our minds what really occurred during the beginning years of our nation. While reading this book, it directs your attention to six key events. Within each of these events, Ellis describes the people involved in these particular affairs (the founding fathers), their lives, and also the relationships these men shared. Joseph J. Ellis’ award winning book, Founding Brothers, flows together to describe events/developments that laid out the foundation of our countries principles.

The author composes this book by following detailed events from which independence began. Though while following, a reader will notice that …show more content…

In conclusion the personal knowledge that was “lacked” prior to reading the book, has changed. Within each section- the preface (“The Generation”), “The Duel” between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, “The Dinner” that took place between Hamilton, Jefferson and Madison, “The Silence” that discusses the topic of slavery in the United States, “The Farewell” which focuses on George Washington, “The Collaboration” which talks about relationships between the founding fathers, and lastly “The Friendship” where Ellis describes Adams and Jefferson 's ‘lost friendship’, readers are provided with a deeper understanding of how our nation fell into place post-revolutionary America. Joseph J. Ellis’ book Founding Brothers, is fascinating due to the fact you get a more in depth detail of the lives of John Adams, Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and George Washington (including others) and the challenges, achievements and mishaps that that created the “foundation to our

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