The Influence Of Thomas Jefferson's Declaration Of Independence

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The Age of Reason is a name used to describe the age that influenced the American Statesmen of the Revolution. Taxes forced upon the colonists by Britain after the French and Indian War enraged the colonists, leading to the Revolution that would change the world forever. Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence and Thomas Paine’s The Crisis Number 1 were two very important works of literature during the Revolutionary period. Both works used persuasion effectively. Jefferson wrote to King George III declaring independence; Paine’s purpose was to unite America to fight against Britain. However, The Declaration was most effective because we still use The Declaration of Independence today. The United States would not be the democracy it is today without Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of …show more content…

The over taxed, under represented people of America needed a strong declaration showing their resolve to be free from Britain. Without the strength of The Declaration of Independence and Thomas Jefferson’s writing, the Revolution against Britain may not have been as successful and could have potentially affected modern day life negatively. This powerful document still has importance in the lives of Americans years after Thomas Jefferson wrote The Declaration of Independence. Thomas Paine’s Essay, despite the importance of, does not compare to The Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence had greater effect on the colonists’ perspectives and would be of even more importance had all the people been exposed to the document. Thomas Paine’s The Crisis Number 1 was a very important work of Literature effectively persuading America to unite against Britain using charged words, emotional appeal, and bandwagoning. The Declaration of Independence had a huge impact on the world when it was written and continues even

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