How Did Jefferson Contribute To The Declaration Of Independence

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There were many men who made America succeed, among them was a man named Thomas Jefferson. He helped this success in multiple ways. You will learn about Thomas Jefferson’s ideas and beliefs, the declaration of independence, and his life after the declaration of independence. Thomas Jefferson was influential on the success of the United States. Jefferson's ideas and beliefs. “What was meant by the term ‘created equal’? That in the eyes of nature and of God, every child was born equal. Whatever inequalities came to be after birth could not be blamed upon nature, but on society.” Jefferson believed that all men were created equal even though he owned and sold slaves. He believed that the society was the reason why they were slaves. Him …show more content…

“Adoption of the declaration was the greatest question Americans ever decided. And it has become the most cherished document in our history.” This document that Jefferson wrote is one of the most cherished documents in American History. If America decided not to pick this declaration it could have changed the way America is now. “Jefferson drafted one of the most beautiful and powerful testament to liberty and equality in world history.” This quote about the declaration shows how great the document was. It proves that people do appreciate this document. “Jefferson’s draft was approved by the committee and presented to the continental congress on June 28… the declaration of independence was unanimously approved.” The congress and the committee both approved of the document and approved it unanimously. “The committee met and appointed Thomas Jefferson to write the first draft of the document. During previous sessions, he had proven himself to be a masterful writer.” He proved that he was a good enough writer to write the decelerating. He tried to get someone else to write it. “Over the next 17 days, Jefferson drafted one of the most beautiful and powerful testament to liberty and equality in world history.” It only took him 17 days to write. The first paragraph talked about the mind of the enlightenment. It is the laws of nature and natures

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