Thomas Jefferson's Accomplishments

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American history, our government, and the way America functions today is mainly credit to the great beneficences made by Thomas Jefferson. The great man wrote the one of the most important documents in American history: The Declaration of Independence. Jefferson is honored in America for his effortless work in his lifetime. He spent most of his career working for the government, he was a creative man and worker, and contributed to the history and development of America. Jefferson held many government positions. He was president, vice president, secretary of state, governor of Virginia, member of Continental Congress, minister to France, and a member of Virginia House of Burgesses. All of these positions were filled by one man in the span of only forty years. Thomas was a spokesman of democracy, and he is known mainly for being a Founding Father of America and the author of the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson had the honor of being the first secretary of state under George Washington. Under the second …show more content…

He was a creative farmer, writer, president, and statesman. The innovative president is even credited with establishing a form of architecture: Jeffersonian Architecture. Many people would also call Jefferson a creative political philosopher. He used his creativity to solve political, revolutionary, and law problems. As a farmer, he also took creative steps to achieve what he wanted. He had an organic approach to farming, and the hard-worker was dedicated to the exploration of agriculture. He often experimented with crops and plants. The president failed many times as a farmer, but he never gave up. Thomas was the writer of many books, he spoke several languages, and was known to be a creative problem solver. His eloquent writing in the Declaration of Independence and his prominent part in forming a solid foundation for America to build off of is enough to prove his interminable creative

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