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Thomas Jefferson was the president of the United States of America. He was the third president in America. ( Jefferson is the author of the American Declaration of Independence. ( Jefferson was born in April, 13, 1743 near Great Brittan’s empire. ( Thomas Jefferson was also an enemy of great Brittan. ( was a middle aged man, his hair was whitish gray, and his height was normal but he wasn’t very tall. His hair was short too. He looked like an independent man. Thomas was slightly arrogant and racist. Thomas Jefferson had a family with a lot of siblings. ( Jefferson was born in to an important family. His mom was a member of the proud Randolph clan and …show more content…

( Jefferson had many jobs like lawyer, philosopher, author, architect, inventor, diplomat, drafter, statesman, archeologist, and planter this is what he basically did for a living. He mostly had many jobs and just worked .Thomas Jefferson was a very busy man. He was also a revolutionary patriot he was not a loyalist. ( When Thomas Jefferson became a member of the second continental congress he was already known as a patriot. ( Jefferson had a crime that was very shocking to people and his crime was that he was drafting a bill of attainder. ( People were very mad and they were completely shocked at what Thomas Jefferson had done. ( His crime was a big deal to people because he was the president of the United States of America. People had counted on him and now lost trust for him because of what he had done. Thomas had done his crime in a court. ( Jefferson believed that slavery is allowed and people should be allowed to make someone work for you and own you. ( is why Thomas Jefferson should be on the wanted because you cannot own people and own

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