Who Was Thomas Jefferson Really Famous?

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Thomas Jefferson is an interesting man. He as done a lot for our country. People don't know much about him though. He was a president and he was important. People don't talk about him. Was he really famous? That's what we will find out right here in this essay.

Little Thomas Jefferson was born in April 13, 1743 in shadwell, Virginia. He grew up in shadwell, Virginia. Thomas lived there for most of his life. He got married on January 1, 1772. He got married to Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson. They were married for 10 years and had 6 children. She died in 1782. Thomas never got remarried.

Before Thomas was president, he was the first Secretary of State. He was secretary for 3-4 years. He also got drafted to the Declaration of Independence. Other people got drafted to like: John Adams, roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin, and Robert Livingston. He signed and wrote it. Then he was Vice President. He was vice for 8 years then he was president. …show more content…

That was at the age of nine he started studying for that. He stayed in boarding school till the age of 16. Then he went to college at William and Mary. The classes he took was science, math, rhetoric, literature, and philosophy. Thomas died in 1826.

When Thomas was growing up he had hundreds of slaves. Jefferson got lots of land and slaves that he got handed down to him. He got 5,000 acres gave to him when he was 21 years old. He got 2 plantations given to him. He was pretty rich. He was a big politician. He also was a spokesman, founding father, a principal, and the third president.

Thomas Jefferson was a democratic-republican. Thomas formed this party with James Madison. It was for people who opposed against centralizing policies. that party lasted about 20 years. It got shut down. Now there are just democrats and

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