Thomas Jefferson Hope And Heritage Summary

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Romero 1 Yahaira Yoceline Romero Mr.Gorman History 1301 November 2, 2014 Summary of Hope and Heritage:Myth and Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson was born in 1743 he was the son of wealthy parents from western Virginia. He was the first to attended College, the College of William and Mary. He later went on to study law at Williamsburg. He was very talented, he played the violin, spoke french and acquired the tastes and refinements of the larger world. Thomas Jefferson has served a enormous symbol of what we as people are. He was a man of the Eighteenth Century a very intelligent yet he was just like all human beings; weak and strong. However, many historians argued that Thomas Jefferson could never really make slavery illegal. He claimed to want to free the slaves yet he could not free his own slaves. Unlike Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and many others. Thomas Jefferson claimed he hated slavery, and early in his career he had worked to …show more content…

Thomas Jefferson had an obsession with art and also architecture however he hated the gothic. He knew so much about wine. He spent a lot of time investigating the French, Italian and German Vineyards and wineries. He made all the arrangements for the wines that were brought in the United States of America. Thanks to his acknowledged Presidents even asked him advice over wine or what wine they could serve at presidential dinners. Thomas Jefferson believed in nationhood but not the modern idea of state, he agreed more with the celebration of society over government. He never accepted the modern idea of states , which there could be no power independent of the people, in whom he had absolute faith. Thomas Jefferson and other Revolutionary leaders believed international affairs was equivalent to affection among people in domestic

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