Thomas Jefferson A Good President Essay

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Many people think they can fulfill the role of being president, Others know that they cannot. Being a president is a huge thing to come by and not many can do it but thomas jefferson i think did the best at filling in the space of leadership.

To begin with, Thomas jefferson was known for doing many things that other presidents did not really acomplish, for example Jefferson served in many other parts of the government from here to france and did a decent job at it as well(Source #3). He learned politics down to the core so that he could run his country the right way making him and his people happy in the process. Supporter of other presidents like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln say otherwise, they say that Abe and both George …show more content…

He perceived that education is important and that everyone deserves one(Source #3). Jefferson did many things when it came to education because he himself had a thirst for knowledge, he fed off of the knowing of being able to learn more, and he wanted too share that feeling(Source #3). Jefferson read textbooks, books, encyclopedias and many other types of books to gain further knowledge in everything he could. Jefferson Built a University, the University of Virginia(Source #3), this university taught many people that if this college didnt exist would be uneducated. Jefferson created a library system known as the American Library System, this library was for convenience for anyone that wanted to know more about something(Source #3). The library still exists and gives the same amount if not more information then before carrying on Jefferson 's legacy. Citizens say that Abe lincoln might have beaten Jefferson in the race to who had more drive for education but i think Jefferson took the lead. Jefferson actually changed the Americas by intigrating education into the system, Abraham Lincoln just talked about it but never followed through with it. This shows how much more Jefferson cared about education. All three of these presidents did great things but i think that Thomas Jefferson pushed to be the best and did.

In conclusion, Thomas Jefferson was the best president because he had higher rank in politics and wit and

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