Terry Fox: A True Hero

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Terry Fox has brought hope, inspiration and change to countless amounts of lives. With his courageous and ambitious spirit, he single handedly started a revolution. His selfless deeds are still talked about to this day. A hero is defined as someone who is idolized by many because of a noble and outstanding achievements and that is exactly who Terry is. Terry Fox transformed the face of cancer with his big dreams and bigger actions. His long, hard road to success was the type of encouragement people need to help with the fight against cancer. Although he knew that cancer will forever change his life, he took that and made it into a positive. He could have immersed himself in self pity but instead, like a true iconic man, he fought for what he…show more content…
(1) He was a ‘very hard worker in school, sports’ and anything else life threw at him. (1) He absolutely loved school and hated missing a day of it. (1) ‘He loved learning new things and that is what kept him so interested in school.’ (1) During high school, Terry found a new love in school sports. He played sports such as ‘baseball, rugby, cross country and basketball.’ (1) ‘He idolized his high school sports coach Terri Fleming.’ (2) He went to ‘Simon Fraser University’ (1) and ‘studied kinesiology’ (1). ‘He was also apart of the university basketball team.’ (1) Terry’s aspiration in life was to ‘become a high school gym teacher’ and touch the lives of other students as his coach did for him. (3) One day in ‘March 1977’, he felt a sharp pain in his leg. (1) He went to the doctors and they told him the unfortunate news that it was ‘oestogenic cancer.’ (1) This is a ‘very rare type of cancer which effects mostly children and young adults.’ (4) It has a ‘survival rate of about 5 years’. (4) This type of cancer ‘may spread to the lungs’ as it did with Terry…show more content…
Canadians running every September isn’t the only legacy Terry Fox has left behind. He was ‘the youngest Canadian to receive the “Companion of the Order of Canada” award.’ (6) He also has a countless amount of ‘schools, parks, buildings and roads’ (6) named after him. Every year, many schools participate in the Canada wide Terry fox runs and together, we have raised more than ‘$650 million’ (5) He is a role model for many kids not just in Canada, but around the world. The Terry Fox run doesn’t know happen in Canada. It also happens in many places around the globe. Places that organize and perform the Terry Fox run includes countries such as ‘India, China, Netherlands, Egypt, Germany, England, Japan and many many more.’ (7) Not only do they run for Terry every year all over the world but Canada also made him a ‘$1 coin in 2005 for the 25th anniversary of the run.’ (6) In ‘1981, he was added into the “Canadian Sports Hall of Fame”.’ (6) Then, a year later, ‘Canada post made a “Terry Fox” stamp.’ (6) After that, in ‘1999, a national survey named him “Canada’s Greatest Hero”.’ (6) This title was rightfully given to him because of his hard work and commitment to the search for a cure. The legacy he left behind is truly

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