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The place I decided to carry out my job shadowing experience is at Select Physical Therapy. During my time there, I decided to shadow an Occupational therapist who specialized in hand therapy. I wanted to shadow an Occupational Therapist because at the time, I was interested in becoming an Occupational Therapist and I wanted to see if this is really the career path I wanted to take. At first when I started my job shadowing experience, I was a little nervous since I was not quite sure what I was supposed to be doing since I have not shadowed a place before. The first day of my job shadowing experience I was not quite sure what to do since the only thing my mentor made me do is replace bedding and towels, and occasionally, ice packs of various …show more content…

I learned that Occupational Therapy is not a career path I wanted to pursue because the responsibilities and are involved with Occupational Therapy does not seem like something that I would enjoy doing everyday. The variety of customers that came in was interesting and sometimes was very enjoyable, but for the most part I thought the job was very quiet and tamed for me. I found out I might enjoy a career that is mostly predictive, but something new happens every once in a while to keep things interesting. This contributed to the advancement of my career goals by helping me realize the type of work environment I feel would fit me the best and the job shadow also helped me figure out that even though Occupational Therapy can be rewarding and you are helping a wide variety of people, this career path does not suit me. There are other jobs out there that give me the opportunity to help people in other ways, as well as suiting my needs environmentally as well. I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to shadow at a place that was very kind to me and taught me many different things that helped me get a better idea of what kind of job I am interested and suited for. Even though I might not have a clear idea as to what the career is, I am more driven to start job shadowing other places to figure out what career would make enjoy coming in

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