My Job Shadowing Career

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Looking for a job in the near future is an important part of growing up and becoming apart of adulthood. The person that I job shadowed was Brandon Scaber who is the executive academic advisor. His job basically decides if students will be accepted, rejected or enter a helping program for Michigan State University fall semester. He begin to work for MSU for about 7 years although he received his degrees from Wayne State University and MSU in Student Affairs.
A typical day for Brandon is doing the basic routine that everybody do, come to his office ( which is located in Downtown Detroit) and clock in, begin to look through is email from future students, present students and concerned parents about the tuition, programs and scholarships options. Most of the time he has scheduled meeting from different schools in the …show more content…

This career would be enjoyable just by seeing the happiness a person can have but also bitter sweet because you have to deal with rejection and how the person decides to take it out. The stress level on this job is intense to get a handle of because the academic advisor can work with students personally and sometimes develop a professional connection with them and don’t want to see them fail so that put a toll on the advisor.
The preparation for this career will require me to receive a 4 – year associates degree, also a BA degree in Student Affairs which will be additional 2-3 years to obtain it. The average salary for a college Academic Advisor is 60,000 but he makes 65,000-70,000. Brandon receives dental, medical and free of travel expense. MSU pays for him to travel to different schools and different states to recruit students to attend this university. This job has a lot of advantages to it but only will get them when you been working for them for a long

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