Personal Narrative: My Job Shadowing Randy

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I job shadowed Randy because I personally know him from his other profession of photography. He has taken my sports pictures and he took my brother's senior pictures. Also, I am going to Iowa Central for the Dental Hygiene Program so this is the career I am interested in doing in my future. While job shadowing Randy, some skills I helped with or observed were; cleaning tools, a patient who needs crown to restore a tooth where a cusp broke off the tooth, scraping of teeth, polishing of teeth, preparation for clients, technology (x -rays, scheduling appts., leaving notes, tool sharpening, history of patients, helping in the charting of gum location (periodontal disease). Smoking causes this or a crown causes the gums to be away from the surface of the teeth so this is why we had to chart the gums location. A fact I learned is that calcium or tar build up is what is scraped off of teeth also what is common is plaque. Learned the use of the tools and how they are used in the mouth. He informed me that the tools are designed to the right angle so …show more content…

I also learned that polishing teeth really doesn’t necessarily clean them, it just makes them feel smooth and look shiny. Randy said that polishing has always just been done so it’s not a part of the routine that will stop being performed. I would consider a career in this type of industry. Randy made it clear that he has a close relationship with each of his clients which I thought was nice. Also, I think I would enjoy cleaning teeth. I like to have clean teeth myself and nothing about them grosses me out. I have been thinking of a career in the medical field but didn’t know what specific area I wanted to go into. I think dental hygiene is perfect because it will challenge me to be something I know I can be but not intimidate me too

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