Essay On Why I Chose Dentistry

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Ever since I was young, dentistry had sparked my interest for my career. Dentistry appeals to me chiefly because I had always wanted to be involved in a profession where I can help people. My love towards human biology especially human teeth also contributes to my career choice. Most importantly, I find human teeth interesting, often fascinating. Due to my compassionate nature, I have since long known that I would want to pursue dentistry as my career because I get to form relationships with my patients, work hand in hand with many people on a face to face basis. I would be lying if I say the high income wasn’t one of my reasons why did I choose dentistry, but on top of that, I get to satisfy the needs of every patient, help people ‘hands-on’, …show more content…

The . passion grew stronger and stronger as I study Biology and Chemistry in A-levels. Studying these two subjects has opened my eyes and given me large insight into the workings of the human body which revealed to me indirectly that the body holds many secrets that are yet to be discovered. This alone is enough to excite me! Due to my compassionate and caring nature, I have participated in various activities these few years. I, together with my friends in school organized a carnival to raise funds for the needy. I also participated in a blood donation scheme and visited the old folks home. These experienced confirmed my calling and my passion for dentistry and I am sure that this will motivate me to strive the next goal in my journey of education. I am a very disciplined individual. I plan my paths and set my goals so that I am motivated in achieving them. In addition to that, I am also determined and I am willing to work the extra mile in achieving everything I want to achieve. I am able to work well under tremendous stress as a result of my experience in meeting tight deadlines during my many years in secondary school. This is because I possess good time management skill which comes in handy when I have many things to take care of at the same

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