Dental School Application Essay

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SHPEP matters to me because it helps to implement an example of how dental school courses are organized, how I should prepare for it, and how the dental profession works in all its angles. The aspects of dental school???. My first dental internship and shadowing experience really gave me first-hand insight as to the reality of the dental profession. When I first put on the scrub and walked through the door, I would mentally imagined that I actually worked at the clinic and that I was part of a team to help treat oral health risks, to provide fundamental dental knowledge and insight to patients, and to prevent potential health risk to the patient. This experience really gave me the confidence to pursue dentistry because of the positive impact it had on my life and also on my future career goals/choice. …show more content…

Back in high school, I never heard of interning at a dental clinic, never thought to volunteer at the local library because all I had thought was that I would get into college, graduate, and here comes dental school. Indeed what a fooling thought. I need shpep because I do not yet have the complete first-hand experience at clinics and hospitals. Although shadowing at a dental office gave me very knowledgeable insight into the field, i still have questions, curiosities that I would like to meet before I start the dental school application process. As a first generation, i am always having to need to impress people, prove to them that I have the right to study and learn and gain knowledge because that is how i will secure a bright and healthy future for not only myself, but also my family and the future generations. Through motivation, determination and insight, I believe i can contribute fundamental skills into this

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