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Dental assistants support dental specialists or dentists in carrying out dental routine. A dental assistant is not the real dental operator that performs on patients but only an assistant to the licensed dentist. Aspirants of dental assisting career need to attend a dental assisting program at either college or tech school so as to acquire a diploma, certificate or degree. The duration of the program depends on the type of certification targeted. The program comprises both theory and practical. What are the requirements for becoming a certified dental assistant? Becoming a certified dental assistant will not take longer time to achieve, but you need to meet the necessary requirements in the form of education or some sort of training. A high school diploma can grant you …show more content…

Before taking a dental assisting certification examination, participants are obligated to take any of the dental assisting programs accredited by CODA. The Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) is a body that takes the responsibility of accrediting dental assistant programs. There is a national certification examination to be taken by graduates and trainees from non-accredited programs after a two-year experience working as dental assistants. Visit site for more information Duties and responsibilities of a certified dental assistant The role and responsibilities of a dental assistant are not the same with that of a licensed dentist. While the dentist is handling major dental cases, the dental assistant is only supporting by getting the instruments and the patient ready. The dental assistant plays minor role in the process while the dentist plays major role. Below is a list of duties and responsibilities of a dental assistant. • Making all the equipment needed for use by the dentist available. • Keeping records of daily

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