Dental Hygienist: Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography Tashina Stoffel, Personal Interview, 3 November 2015 I prepared for my interview by researching questions that would really be essential to my essay. I chose questions that would be easy for her to answer and questions that could be incorporated into my essay. I also asked questions that would be fun for her to answer and that could help influence my decision on the career. I used the answers to the questions to introduce the career. Coming from a person who has attended school and made my topic her profession. Her answers were all thought out but were also very easy to answer. When I asked her what she disliked about her career, she couldn’t even think of something right off the bat. American Dental Education Association, “Dental Hygienist”, 19 …show more content…

It also included descriptions of Dental Assistants expanded functions, General Supervision of Dental Hygienists and Public Health Practice of Dental Hygienists. I used this article to explain what tasks a Dental Hygienist can perform if they are expanded functions. I also used it to talk about the steps that a Dental Hygienist can take to become a Registered Dental Hygienist. RDH Rebecca Stolberg, “Back To School”, 1 January, 2004 <> The website contained the options to search the different dimensions of different categories of Dental Hygiene, accredited colleges and programs that you can attend, tasks of Dental Hygienists and numbers to different professionals that can answer any questions about furthering your career. After jumping around the website and discovering all the things I could look at, I used the information to explain how to obtain your Dental Hygienist certification and to talk about what colleges in Idaho offer Hygiene

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