Dental Hygienist Career Essay

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The career that fascinates me and what I plan to be when Im older, is a Dental Hygienist. A dental hygienist is a stressful job, but it helps a lot of people. You are helping people get better teeth and even look better, because when people have straight pretty teeth, they seem to have an upgrade in their looks. I haven’t always wanted to be a dental hygienist, I had many other career choices. But, something about making people smile when I’m the reason they look good doing it makes me happy. Dental Hygienists have a variety of jobs that they have to do when working. Their tasks can vary from cleaning teeth, examining patients, providing dental care, and even educating patients on how to keep their teeth healthy and clean. Some more descriptive jobs they may handle are removing tartar, stains, and plaque off the teeth or applying sealants and fluorides to protect the teeth. They also take x-rays and examine them to look for cavities and such. If I were to become a dental hygienist, then I would be working in either an office where …show more content…

Most dentist offices are looking for master’s degrees, bachelor being the lowest. People want experienced workers, ones who know what they’re doing. In Mississippi, there are only a small variety of places you can go to study dental hygiene. Dental school is a good option to get all the certificates you need and and course studies you would need to join like anatomy, physiology, nutrition, radiography, and pathology. Some soft skills that would be useful for this career are compassion, attentive, dexterity, to be interpersonal, stamina, and technicality. I am going to have to be working with my hands a lot and spending long hours doing so. Some patients will be stressed, scared, or in pain and I must learn to be there and help in any way I can to show them I care. There is certain equipment I’ll be handling, so I would have to learn quick and

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