Dental Hygienist Research Paper

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Dentists will diagnose and treat problems that occur in the mouths, teeth, and gums of the patients they oversee. Some of these treatments include filling cavities, removing decay from teeth, straightening teeth, place sealants, give whitening treatments, write prescriptions, examine x-rays, and administer anesthetics during procedures. They also counsel each individual on how to maintain good oral hygiene and base their diet around their teeth. Some dentists may also make models and take measurements of oral appliances such as dentures and retainers. To become a dentist, you must obtain a Bachelor's degree and then enter a dental school. Admission to dental school can be very competitive so they administer a test during their junior year of …show more content…

They will examine a patients mouth for signs of disease or good oral care. They may also take x-rays of teeth and the jaw area, apply sealants and fluorides to protect teeth, and keep track of patient care and treatment assessments. In most cases, they will educate a patient on how to improve and maintain proper oral care such as brushing and flossing correctly. In some states, dental hygienists are allowed to place and carve fillings and periodontal dressings. However, other states will not allow for this. Dental hygienists typically receive an associate's degree in dental hygiene. In order to teach, preform research, or provide clinical services, they will need to obtain a bachelor's degree. Most dental hygiene programs will require that a student completes at least one year of college before acceptance. However, this varies from school to school. All states require that a dental hygienist is licensed. The requirements to become licensed will vary from state to state. In May of 2012, the median annual wage for a dental hygienist was $70,210. This evens out to about $33.75 per hour. However, it was also reported that over half of dental hygienists worked only part

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