Why I Want To Be A Dental Assistant Essay

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Growing up children have think they know what they want to be when they grow up but as they progress and get older they’re ideal career changes for the most part based on the changes they go threw themselves and experiences. For example I wanted to be an Actress because I would to watch the a lot of movies on the daily basis but then as I got older that changed, my ideal job now is have a good paying job and not have to work excess hours. I Chose Dental assisting because the dentistry field has a lot to offer I have always wanted to work in the health field and unlike medical nursing, Dental Assistants have more control of their schedule also they have a wide variety of options from working in private offices to working in public health departments also offers good hours, pay and …show more content…

Q: Any advice for Rookie dental assistants? A: dentist treat their assistants like glorified slaves but once you work with them well you will feel like a part of the team its really great to create that bond.
Q: what is it like to be a dental assistant? A: your experience depends on the dentist you work with, I was lucky enough to get a really patient and understandable dentist. Q:what should I expect going into that career path? A: you will deal with suctioning sterilizing prep before each patient so everything is ready for the next, passing the necessary instruments that the dentist will need during any procedure you will do a little of everything
Q: How is your experience as a DA? A: you will learn a lot from working with with dentist they are very intelligent people, some people don 't enjoy it as much as other but that all comes down to the

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