Why I Want To Be A Physician Assistant Essay

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Calvin Neal Exploring a Health Career: Physician Assistant Ever since my cousin Paul, whom I’ve always looked up to, went to college and became a PA, I’ve wanted to follow in his footsteps. The definition of a physician assistant is “someone qualified to assist a physician and carry out routine clinical procedures under the supervision of a physician.” However, physician assistants can be so much more than that. They work in numerous fields such as pediatrics, obstetrics, orthopaedics, and with several health care providers such as nurses, surgeons, and physicians. I want to be a physician assistant because I want to be the face that people see throughout the healing process. Physician assistants, or PAs, perform small tasks such as taking information about a patient’s medical …show more content…

Most physician assistants stay physician assistants for most of their time in the medical field. One of the few ways one could advance, however, would be to get an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree, and working in a more managerial or administrative position. In some cases, certain states allow PAs to open up their own clinics. In Iowa, it does not specifically say whether or not physician assistants can own a clinic, but most states say whether or not they can be a co-owner of <49% of the business, or an owner of up to 99% of the clinic. Physician assistants cannot completely own their own practice, because that privilege is only held by people with an M.D. There are many pros and cons of being a PA that I did not know until recently. After researching and thoroughly exploring the profession of physician assistant, I would still seriously consider becoming one. Even though there is little room for advancement beyond straying onto another career path, it seems like a very secure, appropriately salaried, interesting, and rewarding position in the medical field. Works

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