Medical Assistant Personal Statement

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I want to be a physician because I want people to grow old. At the age of 6, one of my closest friends was diagnosed with leukemia. By age 8, the disease claimed his life, robbing him of the opportunity to experience the privilege of growing old. Unfortunately, we live in a society of vanity. We see the process of aging and choose not to embrace it. As a physician, I would work with my patients so that they do not fear age, but rather welcome it. I want to effectively educate my patients so they may willingly choose to lead healthy lives and ultimately extend their days left in this world with their loved ones. I hope that as a caregiver, I am able to help my patients realize that a long, healthy life is far more fulfilling than a short, glamorous one. …show more content…

Through my studies of human expression and its reflection of how people deal with world events in different ways, I developed sensitivity to other worldviews that continues to prove useful through my daily interactions with people of different backgrounds. I have learned that just like art, medicine involves pattern recognition and derives insight from experiences. Similarly, what I especially enjoy about being a medical assistant is interacting with patients on a daily basis and getting to be a part of their medical experiences, even if it is just by lending an ear. The experiences on my path to a career in medicine have made me want to make a real, tangible difference in the lives of those around me – a difference that leaves my patients in a better condition than they were in before I met them. My father taught me that medicine that cares, cures, helps, and heals is of greater import than medicine that simply makes a diagnosis and prescribes a medication. I hope that one day, I will become a provider of the type of medicine that treats not only the body, but also the mind and

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