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Since its inception, the general and family dentistry professionals at Family First Dentistry of Anchorage have been committed to continuously setting themselves apart from any other general or family dentistry group in the region. Part of what makes them unique is the familial atmosphere of their office and their genuine commitment to providing their patients with a dental experience that goes above and beyond the usual trip to the dentist. Today, the dentistry wants the public to learn about the five committed dental professionals that make up Family First Dentistry. Jill has been a dental hygienist for over 15 years and joined Family First Dentistry back in 2010. A graduate of Texas Woman 's University, Jill has worked across several states before coming to Anchorage. In her spare time, she …show more content…

In her spare time, she enjoys carpentry and music as well as kayaking with her family. Candace has been practicing as a dental hygienist since graduating from UAA in 1990. A National Dental Society member, local state Dental Hygiene society member, and lifelong resident of Alaska, Candace enjoys many outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing in her spare time. Jeb has been with Family First Dentistry for a decade and prior to that, was practicing as a dental hygienist since 1995. In his spare time, Jeb builds cabins, fosters children, and enjoys the company of his children and grandchildren. Megan is the most recent addition to the Family First Dentistry team. An Alaskan native, she graduated from the University of Alaska with high honors and a degree in Dental Hygiene. Her hobbies include outdoor activities such as running, biking, skiing, and hiking. To schedule a dental appointment with Family First Dentistry, call them at (907) 562-2820. For more information about the family dentistry team, visit their website and like them on

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