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Dental Hygienist You know that feeling you have after you get your teeth clean? You feel refreshed and clean. Well dental hygienist feel the same way after they have completed their work for a patient. Dental hygienist feel accomplished and relaxed. They feel the way you feel walking out of the office. Dental hygienist take on many different challenges. They play a special role in our society. Many different descriptions describe a dental hygienist. You must achieve important qualities and duties to be classified as a dental hygienist. Many advantages are a bright side to the job. Education and salary are a very defining idea within the dentistry department. Scheduling, environment, work conditions, and opportunities are important for a dental hygienist. You never know how many patients or what kind of patients you will meet within a day’s work. In the dental office, dental hygienist do not usually work alone. They will have a dentist by their side most of the time. Dental hygienist are oral health professionals who prevent dental …show more content…

Depending on your ranking, decides your annual salary. The lowest annual amount made by a hygienist is $46,540. The average amount made each year is approximately $70,210. Judging by your skills, if you are in the top ten percentage your salary is about twice as much as the lowest paying hygienist. The top ten percent of all dental hygienist receive $96,280 per year. To receive the largest amount of pay, you need to make sure your school is accredited by The Commission on Dental Accreditation. Once you have reached the level of expertise, you will be granted vacation time, sick leaves, and contributions to your retirement fund. Where you work depends on the permission to miss work. If you are a full-time worker, your permission will be granted faster than a part-time worker. More than half of the dental hygienist work

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