Cheerleading Personal Statement

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As a student in highschool, I contribute to numerous teams. I participate in cheerleading for varsity football and basketball. For cheerleading we all work together and create cheers and dances that we perform at games. We also are assigned to compose cheers by ourselves to teach the whole squad. I have been a cheerleader for three years now. To be on the cheerleading squad there is a required try out. For the tryout you perform a dance, cheer, and three chants within a small group. The other requirements are that you assemble a cheer and perform it by yourself along with three to four jumps. At my last tryouts I made varsity for football and basketball cheerleading. Another team that I participate in is volleyball. I have played volleyball for six years now. Our volleyball season can revenue three months longer. This past season I was on the junior varsity team. In the upcoming season I will be playing on the varsity team. These teams prepare myself for my future because they help me learn how to collaborate with others. …show more content…

I have been a member of the staff for five years now. My duties as a member are planning and teaching an innovative lesson once a week. I teach them every Sunday. The children I teach range from the ages of three to twelve. When I arrange these lessons out I have the role of a teacher in school. This prepares myself for my future because I am going to college to secure a degree in education for elementary students, once I graduate high school. These are examples of how I contribute to various teams and a small

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