Competitive Cheerleading Comparison Essay

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Cheerleading is a sport that often goes unacknowledged for its athletic demands and time commitment required from its athletes. There are two main types of cheerleading today: high school cheering and competitive cheering. The main difference between the two is the amount of athleticism each athlete needs to obtain. Another difference is the time requirement for each. With both comes different financial demands and travel obligations. I feel that those who have the thought that competitive and high school cheer are the same, should truly learn about them individually, so they can see their differences. Overall, competitive cheer is dramatically more challenging and involves a higher skill set than high school cheering. In reference to time commitment, high school and competitive cheer range greatly. On an…show more content…
Competitive cheer comes along with more financial responsibilities due to traveling, uniforms, and competition fees. When traveling for cheer, we are normally required to get to the destination on Friday night and stay until Sunday after the competition has finished. Traveling to games for high school cheer is most often payed for by the school. Uniforms are another expense that come with both high school and competitive cheer. A uniform for competitive cheer can cost as much as seven hundred dollars, while uniforms for high school average around three hundred dollars. The uniform package differs for each. For competitive cheer, a uniform consists of a uniform top and skirt, shoes specifically made for your gym, a backpack, and a bow to match your uniform. As for high school cheer, you are given two uniform tops, one skirt to match both, a home and an away bow, and regular white cheer shoes. One fee that is unique to competitive cheer is the competition fee which ranges from seventy-five dollars to two hundred and fifty dollars, depending on the size of the
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