Being A Cheerleader Essay

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Being a cheerleader takes a positive attitude and the willingness to work hard! It takes commitment, self-discipline, and dedication. It takes energy and skill and it takes each of us working together to be our very best!
Cheerleaders are role models at school and in the community. As a cheerleader, we represent the High School and our positive and spirited attitude is important because it is seen as a reflection of the school and the cheer team. Little boys and girls, parents and peers, look to us to make a positive difference at school events and in the community. As cheerleaders, it 's our job to be positive role models. From the school hallways to the community, from the sidelines to the classrooms, our dedication, commitment, and a positive …show more content…

Commitment is important because the team counts on each person to do what they are supposed to do and to be where they are supposed to be. Cheerleaders have to manage their time wisely. They have to plan their time well so they can complete their homework and other responsibilities on time while also giving 100% effort and focus to cheerleading. Their full commitment is extremely important during practices, games and other cheer team activities.
Being a cheerleader takes dedication and a positive, energetic spirit! It takes the desire to want to be the best, to try hard and then try even harder, and to never give up! It takes passion and the ability to keep your head up and keep smiling even when things get tough!
I will add high-spirited, positive energy, commitment and dedication to the team! I will bring to the team, my skills and passion for cheerleading, my positive attitude and my willingness to work hard and learn new skills. I will bring my commitment and reliability to my teammates and my coaches, so they know they can always count on me. I will add to the team by being 100% dedicated to doing my part and always giving my best effort so that I can help bring added success to the amazing Cheer

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