Personal Narrative: The Sport Of Cheerleading

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I have been cheerleading for the past 7 years, and truly love it. Ever since a young girl, I have admired the Perrysburg High School cheerleaders. Cheerleading helps me express myself, and define who I am as a person. Cheerleading has been my passion since a young girl, and I have a true love for it. Cheerleading has helped me grow as a person, and has helped me become more confident in myself. I could never imagine my life without the sport of cheerleading. Cheer has taught me not only determination, but how to balance everything, from school to managing high grades. I decided to join my first allstar cheerleading team, at Midwest Cheer Elite, in 2012. When I first joined, I based on a youth level 2 team, and with the help of my coaches and supportive athletes, I was able to fly on a senior 5 team, my last year. I decided to take a break from allstar cheer, because I missed being involved in …show more content…

Cheerleading can not be done by one person, but with the help of several athletes. School cheerleading is also done to show sportsmanship and spirit. Cheerleaders are a reflection of their school, and must act like it. I promise to always represet the school in a positive way and to always show righteousness to each an every athlete. Cheerleading is not always seen as a “sport” by everyone. I would like to help show what cheerleaders can do through hard work and determination. I am not one to ever give up, or call it quits. I have never missed a practice in my life, even if I have been sick, and had to sit in the corner and watch the whole time. I never complain, and I never stop trying till a stunt, tumbling pass, or routine is successful. I am never one to blame someone, because cheerleading is a team effort. My first year of school cheerleading, I have really grown to love the game of basketball and football, and cheer during games. I love to be interactive during the games and be on the side lines to cheer the players

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