Minnesota Golden Gophers Spirit Squads Essays

  • Persuasive Essay: An Example Of Cheerleading As A Sport

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    In every sports game, people root for the teams they like; their ways of rooting can range from yelling to professional one called cheerleading. Cheerleading has a long history just as other sports. Cheerleading does not exist to simply motivate the team, but also makes audience and the game itself interesting. That is the reason why it should be considered as one of the sports. Although many do not see cheerleading as a sport, it is definitely considered as sport, as it requires intense physical

  • Nursing: My Choice Of Nursing As A Career

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    Nursing is not just about treating the ill, it is focused on the quality of care that we are delivering to our patient according to their individualized needs. Nursing is much more than just the physical aspects it also what we see internal wellness. Nursing has given me new challenges every day, pushed me to my limits. Nursing has taught me to think critically and used my clinical judgment. Choice of Nursing I chose nursing as a career because I knew it was my calling. I have the desire to help

  • Free Argumentative Essays: What Is Cheerleading?

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    student at the University of Minnesota, led the crowd at the football game in a famous cheer. He yelled," Rah, Rah, Rah! Shu-u-mar, Hoo-Rah! Hoo- Rah! Varsity! Varsity! Varsity, Minn-e-So-Tahh!" This cheer is still used, Thoes who use it today use the name of their team or school. Cheerleading is more than leading crowds in cheers. Cheerleaders perform routines to entertain spectators. They urge players on sports teams to do well. The first American cheerleading squads performed at collages in the

  • Cheerleading Classification Essay

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    How many people think cheerleading is a sport? According to the Google Dictionary, a sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another for entertainment, and cheerleading follows these guidelines. There are a three different types of cheerleading. The first one is sideline cheering, which is like high school cheer. The second one is competition and the last one is college cheer. A sport says that you must physically exert

  • Personal Essay: The Sport Of Cheerleading

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    Cheerleading is a sport that includes assemble both cheers and chants to become a whole. Many individuals have categorized cheerleading as a sport that is done by mostly people of a caucasian descent. A few years ago minorities and other ethnicities have gathered together and created a stomp and shake way of cheerleading. This way of cheerleading allows cheerleaders to express themselves without the traditional cheer smile. Stomp and Shakes comes with both showmanship and character which makes a

  • Cheerleading Narrative

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    the motions and practiced jumping on the trampoline for around three hours a day. Being the perfectionist I am, I wanted to look great in front of the judges and get onto the competition and varsity squad with all the juniors and seniors. My hard work payed off, and I made the varsity and competition squad my freshman each subsequent year. I was a “base” (The girl on the bottom

  • How Cheerleading Is A Sport

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    Cheerleading as a lot of rich history when it comes to sporting events, cheerleading was easily found in most high schools by the 1960’s. It has played a side by side role along with football for numerous of years starting out for some schools as just a pep squad to forming a team. There are lots of different things that can be accomplished during cheerleading whether in their own competitive events or at a game, they can tumble, stunt, and even dance. But the true question is, is cheer. Sporting events have

  • Being A Cheerleading Essay

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    “A person who encourages other people to do or support something.” (Merriam Webster Dictionary). For my whole life I have always dreamed of being a cheerleader. Someone who interacts with everyone, smiles through anything, and helps get the crowd involved. It’s the atmosphere, the people, the close knit group of girls. Cheerleading has and will continue being a huge part of my life; it’s more than just dancing and yelling. Cheer’s deeper than that, it brings the out the good in people. Cheerleading

  • Firehawk Cheer Case Study

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    Firehawk Cheer The Harding Fine Arts cheerleading team is going into it’s fifth year at the school and it’s second year of competing. It started with just four girls practicing in Ms. Burris’s room and has since grown to a team of eighteen on Varsity this year and a still-growing JV team. Last September, Varsity went to their first ever regional cheer competition. On their first year of competing, they were only a few points shy of qualifying for the state competition and stunned the crowd with

  • Cheerleaders Research Papers

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    the top this year as they compete for the state title. Having summer camps and practices to better their chances at winning and to heighten the spirits of the football crowd, cheerleaders worked hard all summer long. With a private day camp given by cheerleaders from Gardner-Webb University, the LHS cheering squad is ready to bring more attitude and spirit this season. As the new coach for the 2015 football season, varsity cheer coach Faynette Waldrop is all about

  • A Career: My Career Goals For Becoming A Nurse

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    Did you know "becoming a certified nurse practitioner requires completing 500 didactic hours and 500 to 700 clinical hours" (Interesting Facts About Nurse Practitioner Grads)? Becoming a nurse takes continuous hours of study and practice in order to be successful. In this world, people are always needed that are willing to take care of others. Some individuals dream of becoming nurses or doctors ever since they were young, like myself. Ever since I was a child, I have wanted to impact the lives of

  • Is Cheerleading A Sport Essay

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    Cheerleading to be Considered a Sport? Cheerleading was at first created as a form of entertainment for crowds at football games in 1898; yet, over 100 years after the creation of the activity, cheerleading has not evolved very much. Cheerleaders tumble and perform stunts to entertain the fans and attract attention during half times and time outs. Yet many question if the activity is truly a sport? Some believe, due to the level of skill and flexibility required, it is considered a sport. However

  • Argumentative Essay On Gymnasts

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    Not so long ago, a brave girl called Ariana Berlin was competing at the highest level of gymnastics of her age category. A couple of months later something terrible happened from that moment on her life changed forever... “Piep, next off on the bars is Ariana Berlin, she’s a real talent!” said the presenter of the big competition. Arianna had a fantastic score and made herself noticed by the coach of UCLA. The dream school of Ariana. The school has the best gymnast team in the world. They won the

  • Persuasive Cheerleading Research Paper

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    Has a conversation ever come up about the cheerleaders on the sideline and how they are just the "Help"? If so your right. That's correct regarding sideline cheerleading but competitive cheerleading is another story. Lots of people agree that Sideline cheerleading isn't a sport but competitive is. cheerleading is a sport because of the high difficulty in hand. A sport includes physical activity against/with an opponent with a clear winner which competitive cheerleading has. Competitive cheerleading

  • Cadiz Biddy Football: The Spot Role Model

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    From a young age I watched the cheerleaders at football games in incredible admiration. All of the girls- in their sleek uniforms with pompoms in colors representing their school- captured my attention. I longed to be in their shoes one day, and I looked up to them. The cheerleaders claimed the spot role model to me for the majority of my childhood. I never realized that years into the future I would fill their shoes, and carry the responsibility of being the person little girls looked up to. I didn’t

  • Competitive Cheerleading Research Paper

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    There is no halftime for competitive cheerleaders. Although, many Americans do not believe that cheerleading should be considered a sport, AMA members states that “cheerleading is as rigorous as many other activities that high schools and the NCAA consider sports. Adding it to the list would mean more safety measures for cheerleaders and proper training for their coaches.” Many people fail to distinguish the difference between school and competitive cheerleading. School cheerleaders are mainly targeted

  • Personal Narrative: My Passion Of Cheerleading

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    I have been cheering for five years now. I can not remember the times when I was not a cheerleader, it is hard to imagine myself doing anything other than cheer or simply not cheering at all. I fell in love with the sport and within time, my passion towards it grew even more. Cheerleading consumed my life, it was my only focus. I was fortunate enough to grow up with coaches that pushed me to reach limits I did not even know I had, as well as teammates whom I shared the same passion towards the sport

  • Personal Narrative-Wrestling Mats

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    I very vividly remember hearing the wrestling mats sigh under the weight of our shoes as we waited for cheer practice to begin. We were standing along the side of the mats patiently. The room smelled of sweat and body odor. It was hot and felt quiet humid in the room, which left many of us sweaty. The door to the wrestling room opened with a little force and in walked our cheer coach. “Okay ladies,” she spoke over out light chatter. “Today we are going to start off with gymnastics. Get into three

  • Brooke Raboutou's Greatest Accomplishments

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    At 11 years old, Brooke Raboutou shattered a world record, becoming the youngest and shortest person to climb 5.14b, a climbing route difficult enough to challenge even highly athletic people, especially if they have no experience climbing. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Her list of accomplishments is quite lengthy and makes me question how I spent my time as a child. For one, I didn’t break any world records – although I was the fastest kid on a tricycle on my block (that counts for something

  • Cheer Is A Sport Essay

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    Have you ever been to a football game before? Well if you have you know that most football teams have a cheer squad or dance team. Not many people acknowledge cheer, or think that cheer is an actual sport. well is cheer leading really a sport? Regarding the topic, Did you know that over 3.3 million people participate in cheer, Let alone including some boys. cheer is a sport because you put as much hard work and dedication into cheer as you would in football,soccer,track or any other sport